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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in batfink1957's LiveJournal:

Monday, January 30th, 2006
1:24 pm
Internal venting becoming External...
I had an overall good weekend. Friday after I got home from the gym I went online and Jonny Baby got a hold of me. Asked me to go to the movies. He broke up with his g.f. I'm not gonna lie, I was muy happy about it. Cause, I kinda didn't act on my feelings last time with him, you know, he went and got himself a g.f so I beat myself up over it a little bit. So now I'm not gonna be stupid. It was a good time, then on Saturday I hung out with Caity for a bit, then Ally. She got mad drunk. We met up with Jonny Baby <3. Thats 2 days in a row. I'm suppose to see him today. It's kinda hard to read him...I like him alot, but I really don't know if he likes me back. Idk, I feel wierd asking him, maybe I'll wait a while, and I don't know why him and his girl broke up. A part of me wants to know. Did she break up with him or him her? I'm worried about getting my heart broken again, not that hes out to do such a thing but, a part of me is scared. I feel like an idiot talkin like this. You watch, with my luck he doesn't like me in that way and I'm up the creek without a goddamn paddle. Jeez...what boys do to you. AND! Another thing thats kinda makes me weary, is his ex g.f was thin, and pretty...how can I beat that. I'm not thin (yet,the gym is goin good so far) and I don't think I'm that pretty. I'M SO CONFUSED. The best part tho, is that I can picture myself with him. I can picture us at the track or swapmeets...we both have the car interest so to me it seems great. I wonder if he thinks the same ya know? Maybe after we hang out some more, maybe I'll bring it up and see how he feels about everything.
I wish I could organize my thoughts lol.

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
10:06 am
Cobra & Sasquatch
Last night I headed into Asbury to hang out with the crew and see the Cobra Mantix* and Sasquatch & the Sickabillys. I had a real fun time. Bowled & got beat by Jen, she managed to bowl 151. Bitch...ha. played some pool. I did pretty good, got it down to the 8 ball then Jen sunk it in. Jen, Andy, Brian, Justin, Heather, Elly*,Kyle,& pugner all showed up. The Cobra Mantix are awesome. I saw them in CT for the Road Agents show, and I remember liking them then...not to mention I have the hotts for their singer. Sasquatch was great, my father thought they were rude but good. We left around 1:30 am. Drove my father & brother home, cause daddy was drinking.

I didn't have a date like I wanted, I thought the show was in February, but it wasn't and I didn't have enough time to look. Oh well. Even though I had a lot of fun, I felt left out. That feeling where you're in a group of people and you feel alone and left out even though you're really with a group of people. Maybe it's because I felt like a kid around them, or because everyone was much better friends with each other than I am. I am friends with these people but not GOOD friends cause I don't see them often. Oh well. Just a feeling I guess. I had fun though.

Today I waws suppose to go to Breakfast with Jenn Jones and Caity, but no one called me, so I don't think they're awake yet, and I really don't have that much money so I'll probably just get a coffee or somthing...THEY'RE BOTTOMLESS! lol. I have no clue what I'm doing today. I hardly have gas, and money so I'm pretty much screwed. I should just workout and then sleep all day. But then I'd feel guilty for not doing something.

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
5:04 pm
Today was actually a pretty good day. After school I had to pick up canvas for a piece I'm doing for art. The canvas was topo big to lug around so I just drove back to pick it up. Then Caity and I went to the gym that Flea works at and we got a free work out and 3 more free passes. I like going, but I think we're goin to go join Curves because it's closer to where I live. Caity and I have an appointment on Monday to go check out Curves. So I'm happy, and I might get a job at the Vitamin place next door so it all works out good. I'll be in shape and lookin good in no time!

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday Caity and I are using our passes for Fleas gym. I'm excited. It feels so good after you've worked out, I feel heathly! lol

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
5:55 pm
A day of Progress.
After school, I jumped into my sweats and went to pick Caity up. I ran over my recyclin bucket, may it RIP. Caity and I went and got our nails done. Yea...thats right. I got my nails done...I'll give it a try. As long as I have no trouble workin on the car. We went to Curves, so we will probably join. I will anyway, and then I applied for a job at the Vitamin store. Looks good, she said she'd call. Came home, did Pilates, had a cup of tea, now I'm on the computer.

I was suppose to go to Fleas to watch movies or somthing, but it looks like it's posponed. Oh well, I feel like relaxin anyway.

Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
2:24 pm
...Fuck Shoes...
I need a job. I'm broke...I have NO money. I've been lookin for a job, and applied for a couple but no one called back. I need to start savin money. I wanna save up for my shoebox, I would like extra cash to take with me to Italy, and I'd just like some gas money. It's hard finding a job. I should create my own little buisness by doing artwork/tattoo designs for people. I could get a good buck doin that I think. Eh...I'm just a starving artist.

The Sasquatch & the Sickabillys show is coming up I think in February...my goal is to find a date to the show. I told my cousin I'd have one. So I wanna find a guy to take that wouldn't mind dating me otherwise, not just for the show. Any takers!? It'll be fun...

Anyone who hasn't seen the Ringer yet with Johnny Knoxville should go see it, it's histerical. I have a lot more respect for the mentally challenged now. They freakin rock. Johnny Knoxville is still the hottest jackass ever. Ha...

Supposedly I'm suppose to be hanging out with my pals tomorrow, they told me to keep Wednesday open. Who knows what we're doin...I say we go mudd wraslin or somthing but thats just me...lol.

Current Mood: bored
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
4:27 pm
A Healthy Vent
It's always good to vent, I try to vent to friends and they end up callin me an idiot so here it goes.

I've been single for a long fuckin while. I hate it. I ask guys out sometimes for coffee or some other fun thing, I either get turned down or they end up being an asswipe to me. It's mad hard to find a nice guy these days. It always seems that when I find a guy I'm interested in, they are either...taken, not interested in a hotrod chick, have no time, or are just plainly...stupid. I don't ask for much, I just want a guy who shares somewhat the same interests as me, someone who won't mind going to the racetrack as a date, who won't mind me buyin him things when i want to, who will have fun with me no matter what. I don't do hook-ups, it isn't my style, I think its cheesey. But all the guys I've talked to seem to be into that hook-up mumbo jumbo. Holidays get lonely, my cousin Jen always has a boyfriend for the holidays, I don't mind her bringing him along, but I always feel like I'm left out. I'm not your preppy airhead, I'm your real hotrod down to earth fun gal. So what's not to like? Why does an air head have an advantage on me? Huh? Doesn't make sense. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not your model, I'm not your size 0 skinny chick like they advertize on t.v...I have some meat on my bones, which happens to be unhealthy and I'm changing that...but I shouldn't be judged by how I look...I do strongly believe that if I were a size 0 like those looney tune chicks on tv i would have a guy no problem. GRRR! Whatever, I guess they are the ones missing out.
Help a girl out.

Current Mood: cranky
3:02 pm
Bye Bye Winter
Christmas Break is over...which blows cause I had a lot of fun with my buddies. Christmas is gone so now I can start focusin on the hotrod season. Heres my plan...All my artwork I do between now and April will be finished and ready to show at the Hoedown. All the photography will be blown up and mounted to sell as posters, start pinstripin some glass and make a good buck.

The '57 Olds will be out by spring, even if it's just bare metal/primer(the way I like it) and no hood. Any extra cash I make will be toward my 49-50 Ford Shoebox I plan to buy one of these days. Yes, it's ford, but its older than 57 so I'm fine with it.

So much to do before the summer. I miss the beach, I miss being able to wear next to no clothing and no shoes! FUCK YEAH!

Current Mood: creative
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